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I've been through the rigours of day-to-day start-up and agency life, working remotely as an executive, owner, and employee. Now I help remote business owners build profitable businesses, so they can live, work, play and thrive in a remote first world..

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Excel in The New Economy. Bring your business to new heights. Create more freedom. Live the future of work.

Whatever stage you're at, I'm focused on helping you succeed. I've experienced the highs and lows that come from building start-up businesses, from working in and working on companies with 3-50 people, now I help remote business owners start, sustain or elevate to the next level through a multi-faceted approach that encompasses coaching, systems and high value services.









Coaching, Strategy and Execution
For Every Facet of Growth.

The services I provide are highly variable based on the entrepreneurs individual journey and what stage the company is at:


Advertising has traditionally benefited most from the power of AI and that has only been amplified in the last five years. Infusing this force of leverage with the story behind your brand and business is the key to unlocking genuine connection at scale. I'll help you develop A breakthrough advertising strategy that puts you top of mind for the people you aim to serve.


Leverage thinking is how you scale operations efficiently and effectively, and that requires a top down approach to systems. What inputs create the highest outputs? How do we streamline those inputs? These are the questions I help you answer and the answers I help you implement.


I've been working with candidates and companies for the last decade to help refine their professional approach and uncover hiring / employment opportunities. With the rapid rise of automation / AI, hiring processes and company needs are changing. I incorporate what's to come with what has worked in the past to move the needle on measurable hiring goals.


Getting a product, website, or service off the ground requires a lot of moving parts working in alignment. It starts with your desired impact and is elevated by the details and nuances that come with building in a structured, agile, and targeted fashion. I take a quick-to-market approach to getting your product or service off the ground.


Struggling to stay focused? Or understand what to focus on? Or maybe you're constantly burning out and feel like you're not getting anywhere at all. The mind is a powerful vehicle, driven in harmony with those tactical business building muscles. I help you eliminate philosophical barriers so you can live, work, play and thrive in a remote first world.

I operate and grow diversified businesses across the
consulting, agency & start-up space, with a commitment to social impact.


The Sension Approach:
Tactical,TEchnical, SPiritual.

Everything is changing. The barriers for starting and growing a company with just one or a few people have gone down significantly. With the right philosophy, it's possible to see massive results in a relatively short amount of time. Attributes related to prioritization, flow, self-awareness & empathy are becoming more important, and modern consulting needs to adapt to this reality.


In the age of AI, how we conceptualize work and wellness sets a key foundation. I take a holistic approach with a strong emphasis on personal development, aimed at breaking down and resolving mindset barriers, instilling breakthrough thought frameworks, and shattering limiting beliefs.


If there's a technical or tactical challenge in your business a life coaching philosophy isn't going to address it. Depending on the problem, i'll help clients develop tactical muscles or get my hands dirty to help solve present problems in the business. This can encompass anything from design, development, advertising, CRO, etc; any high-value service that solves a high value problem.


Machine learning, automation, low-code and various domain specific programs have opened up a new playing field for founders, owners, solopreneurs & multipreneurs alike, creating significantly higher levels of efficiency while minimizing the amount of people needed to grow a company. This makes the plan and the process far more important than any individual action. Adopting a future-of-work centered approach to business and team building is a critical part of creating leverage.

the Process: Simple, systemized, focused.

Process is everything. So is simplicity. That's why I keep it simple and dial into what matters from day one. Let's find out if we can work together to bring your workflow to new and exciting heights.

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This is where we get together via zoom so I can learn about your business, your barriers, and your goals for the future. You can ask questions to get to know me better if needed.


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I'll send you a recorded video proposal describing what a productive (and profitable) relationship might look like. You can review, and decide if you'd like to move forward with the service.


Bi-weekly Sessions
Breakthrough Blueprint

I'll provide you with a breakthrough blueprint, outlining the full strategy moving forward. We'll do bi-weekly strategy sessions, and i'll provide you with reports on a monthly basis if relevant.

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30 Minutes
Hustle Victim
You've fallen victim to the hustle. Things are going okay but you're burning out and wondering how you can sustain in the long term.
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promised  land
30 Minutes
Promised Land
You've had some success but you're looking to accelerate and make your way to the promised land.
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new beginnings
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New Begginings
You're trapped in a business or job you don't like and you want to start fresh by doing something new.
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Coach and Consultant, Nicholas A MacAskill

Sension Consulting By Nicholas A. Macaskill

"Sension Consulting is a term meant to convey the unique approach that I take to growth consulting. In small companies, the success of a project, campaign, product, or team is often dependant on the level of focus, perspective and output efficiency of the owner, with no one part of the business working in silo. By taking a multi-dimensional approach to consulting, and placing consideration on spiritual, technical, and tactical factors, The Sension Approach achieves holistic activation, creating long lasting change in the businesses and lives of those in which it integrates."
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